The Practical Stuff

ALAI ALAI offers a variety of works from emerging and established artists from all over the world. 
Our limited edition prints are available in series between 10-100 prints. Prices range between 500-5.000 DKK. 
Each piece is either hand signed and numbered by the artist or comes with an artist-signed and numbered "Certificate of Authenticity." A limited edition print is an edition in a specific format (size, motive, form, paper, size or other) that will not exceed that editions specified print run.

How to unpack your artwork
  • Art prints are fragile, please remove artwork very carefully from packaging.
  • We recommend wearing soft cotton gloves to avoid scratches or smudges

 When framed and hung

  • You should avoid hanging your framed piece in direct sunlight.
  • Please, do not install your piece of art directly over a heater.
  • Note: high humidity can be dangerous for the lifespan of your artwork (basement, bathroom, kitchen, etc.).

   What is a Hand Embellished print?

  • Hand Embellished prints are unique works of art due to the fact that the Artist has hand painted or drawn details on each print. No two Hand Embellished print are alike. Due to the uniqueness of the Hand Embellished pieces, prices will be higher.