Joel Daniel Phillips

Posted: Jan 12 2015

Joel Daniel Phillips lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. His artwork focuses on the tenets of classical draftsmanship employed in monumental formats. Inspired by the depth and breadth of human experience, he strives to tell the stories etched in the faces of those around him.'

About the Home series

I am intrigued with how objects are utilized to shape the physical and emotional form of the spaces we call our own. For better or worse, much of how we regard and respond to the space that we embody is dependent upon what we place within it. The drawings in 'Home' are an attempt to explore how we utilize objects to make spaces truly ours. In particular, I have become fascinated by the juxtaposition of this concept and individuals who do not have spaces of their own. Much in the same way that the placement of my couch or lamp in my living room allows me to make my apartment a home, the measured and thoughtful placement of objects on the sidewalk or street stakes a claim. This body work seeks to draw attention to the simultaneous absurdity and adroitness of a homeless person marking and possessing a public space. By isolating my subject matter from context, I hope to explore the almost joyful irrationality of the situation, attempting to bring directly into focus the emotional and spatial interactions that allow these transitions from negative to positive space to occur.

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