Caleb Hahne

Posted: Oct 07 2014

"My practice involves the utilization of technology and traditional techniques by confronting the allure of a blooming cyber media. Intrigued by the concept of remixing, I integrate traditional means of art making with a contemporary approach by digitally collaging appropriated imagery from textbooks and magazines and then drawing the new compositions. My current body of work involves the material engagement of digital collage, found paper and objects, graphite, ballpointpen, oil paint, and acetone along with other mixed medias."  

About the work behind the three print-releases at
These three drawings are an exploration of form and composition. My work takes on a similar process to collage but begins to alter during the evolution of the piece. "Loving You Has Become More Difficult", "Beneath The Moon", and "Howling Winds" are the products of using graphite and drawing as collage while using form and composition as foundation and structure.  

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